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  individual therapy

Individual therapy is a deeply collaborative process
engaging both client and therapist

I have been in practice for thirty years and incorporate a variety of nonverbal and verbal approaches to psychotherapy. My therapeutic orientation includes psychodynamic, developmental, and relational models of psychotherapy, and integrates expressive arts and movement therapy alongside verbal therapy.

If you are interested in exploring how creativity and/or body awareness might help you understand and experience yourself more fully, we can integrate nonverbal approaches including visual art, creative writing, and/or movement. Feelings that are hard to find words for can be discovered through creative writing, or symbolically expressed through drawing. The body is a powerful resource to explore, express, and regulate emotion.

The clients I work with come from many different backgrounds with a wide range of concerns. These can include depression and anxiety, and/or somatic difficulties such as immune system dysfunction, trauma recovery, and other personal and life challenges.

Psychotherapy will ask you to engage deeply with yourself, and in order to be successful, will involve your active engagement between as well as during our sessions.

I normally begin with an evaluation that takes between 2 to 4 sessions. After this initial period, I can offer some impressions of what our work together could include.